May Board Update

Last month, my fellow board members completely produced the May meeting.  Volunteers Jessica Layman, Delia Morgan, Mary Jane Hurt, Barbara Lawrence, Nancy Morton, Jon Walker, Bill Chick, Monyette Gore, Brenda Wheatley and Sally Smith did everything associated with a monthly meeting.  They composed and sent the email, decorated, organized the Girl Scout presentation, ran the meeting, and ensured the drinks and chicken were picked up.  Your board members work for you on a weekly basis, doing everything from securing supplies to opening the building for other events and meeting regularly to plan upcoming events.  Thank you to each and every one of them for their service.  Our organization is successful because of the people behind the scenes doing regular volunteer work.  They are already working to create a great July picnic event for you and your children to enjoy.  Please let them know how much  you appreciate them.  I appreciate them, and I don’t say it often enough, either – Thank you, board members!

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